Shampoo for normal to dry hair
Gently cleans the hair and scalp using minimal amounts.


Shampoo for fine or oily hair
Gently cleans the hair and scalp for hair that has a tendency to go limp quickly. Regular use reduces the tendency to produce too much oil from the scalp without dryness.


Liquid conditioner
For all hair types and regular use. 
Adds moisture and protein to the hair without adding weight to the hair.


Cream conditioner
For all hair types adds more protein than moisture helping to build the hair strength for intermittent use with the liquid conditioner.
Can be applied before swimming in the sea, rinse with clean water after swimming.use small amount on the dry hair when sunbathing to protect your hair ,apply by using a pea size on your hand spread over the palm then on the surface of your hair this will stop your hair drying in hot sun,        also this method can be used to calm frizzy hair. 

Detangle Lotion
Does what it says, helps to remove tangles after shampooing and conditioning by closing the hair cuticle and gives extra shine to the hair.
Can be used before swimming in a chlorinated pool to help protect the hair, rinse with clear water after swimming.


Deep Treatment
Adds moisture and protein deep into the hair when using the heat wrap supplied. It must be left on the hair for 1 hour as directed in the video and followed by the detangle lotion. ( To start the heat wrap click the Disc in the center the wrap VIGOROUSLY,  If the wrap fails to heat , pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes then try again , it should work now  )
Hair must be kept dry for 72 hours after the treatment for maximum effect.

Re activating the heat wrap

Place the heat wrap in a pan of water, heat on medium temperature until the heat wrap is soft .remove from the water and leave to cool, the heat wrap is now ready to use again up to three times.